Production/School uniforms
  • We can help create a uniform that meets your individual school's image
  • Clothing production in timely fashion (we understand that schools need uniforms to be produced in the shortest timeframe possible)

    UAB Garlita offers knitted school uniforms: sweaters, jacket, cardigans, slipovers for school children of all ages from primary school to graduate. We offer a wide range of colors, styles, as well as school uniforms with embroidered emblems or logos. We have 30 years experience in the production of school uniforms and we can provide high-quality product. Garlita is a leader in the production of school uniforms in Europe. Our school sweaters produced in the last 10 years are used by the school children in Great Britain.

    Sweaters made from low-peeling yarns that are both durable and comfortable to wear. Double-quilted seams and elastic at the bottom of the product and cuffs provide additional durability and ensures that the garment will retain the required form after a series of washing. We can manufacture sweaters in various yarn material according to each school wishes.

    Quality guarantee. We realize that parents
    require quality clothing for their children. That is what we do and what we can offer.

    Most companies check only randomly selected samples of their production while in Garlita each and every produced item undergoes quality inspection.

    The adeherence to the high-quality standards makes us well-known in Europe.

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