Production/Innovative garments
  • Sweater with vitamin E
    •     Protects and helps to regenerate the skin.
    •     Neutralizes free radicals.
    •     Reduces oxidative stress.
    •     Enriched with microcapsules that remain effective, even after washing.
    •     Contains a high dose of vitamin E for a caring effect.
    •     Releases vitamin E in a controlled and gradual way during wearing.
    •     Combines micro technological expertise with natural ingredients.
    •     Complies with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
    Due to it's many proven benefits, vitamin E is used in a range of different skincare creams. It plays an important role in protecting the skin and regenerating it when damaged. It's antioxidant properties help to neutralize free radicals, reducing oxidative stress, and it also helps to repair the skin's protective barrier, especially in dryer skin.

    Many consumers want their skin to feel well cared-for all day long. And now, thanks to E+, they can. This special garment is treated with microcapsules which gradually release a high doses of vitamin E to the skin during wearing. The effect lasts even after repeated machine washing, although hand washing helps to prolong the beneficial effect. Vitamin E is used to make functional garments for everyday use.

    Recommended for train-metro, bus, tank drivers.
  • Sweater with Anti-mosquito

    Repellent effect:

    Insects do not approach the wearer and are repelled by the substance

    Hot-feet effect:

    The insects land on the textile. As the active ingredient is transported to the ends of the insects nerves, the insects clearly feel the influence of the agent, which causes them to move away - they are getting a hot feel.

    Knock-down effect/Kill-effect:

    Due to absorption of insecticide the insects are immobilised and sometime later they die.

    Additional information:

    • 30-50 household washcycles
    • Oeko-Tex-standard 100
  • Sweater with antistatic and radiation protection

    S-Shield - anti-static, radiation protection

    A range of electroconductive garments with antistatic screening properties was recently introduced making them an ideal choice for modern workwear. Conductivity is achieved by adding very fine (8 µm) stainless steel fibres. The mix varies between 5 and 95 percent according to the purpose for which it is used. The fibres can be mixed with polyester, aramide, viscose, polyamide or wool. The steel fibres are kind to the skin and have permanent electrical qualities.


    • High shielding properties
    • High conductivity
    • Antistatic
    • Comfortable, ideal for knitted protective clothes
    • Permanent effect
    • Machine washable

    Such sweaters have good antistatic and electromagnetic shielding properties and protect against computer screen as well as mobile phone radiation.

  • Sweater with Flameblocker protection

    It's an added bonus when garments not only look good, but provide an added degree of safety. Flameblocker is a special finish which significantly enhances the already good flame-resistant quality of the garment. The result is a multipurpose sweater that keeps you cool even when things start getting hot.

    Fabrics with special qualities have more than proved themselves under military conditions. They meet the highest technical standards for armed forces use, with their flame-resistant viscose content and outstanding infrared protection. Because of these features, they are mainly used for tank and aircraft personnel clothing and for caps and face masks. The garments are already being used by the German army, and are being considered by special forces and various NATO units.

  • Sweater with cut resistance

    When sharp-edged materials and tools are being worked with, protective clothing is put to the test. Hybrid garments with steel wire in the core ensure a particulary high degree of cut resistance.

    Protection for use in cutting industry, against abrasion in motor racing, motorcycle clothing, aviation, military.

  • Sweater with UV protection

    UV blocker

    Every year the public becomes more aware of the risks of exposure to UV rays. This is true not only in Australia, where the growing hole in the ozone layer has already led to a significant increase in UV radiation, but also, increasingly, in Europe. Research has shown that most textiles offer little or no protection against UV rays, and yet from a technical standpoint, producing textile garments with a finish that can offer this protection is relatively straightforward.

    This is a product for which there is growing interest in the field of children's, army and work wear, active, fashion and leisure clothes.


    • Absorbs dangerous UV-radiation. UV radiation between 280-370 nm is completely absorbed (UV-A and UV-B1).
    • No change in hand-feel. The textile hand-feel remains unchanged.
    • Remains breathable. The physiological features of the garment remain unchanged.
    • Machine-washable. Any remains of detergents should be rised thoroughly. UV blocking properties remain intact even several wash cycles.
  • Sweater resistant to oil-based and water-based stains (with Teflon treatment)


    Goodbye rain and dirt. Teflon covers garment fibres in an invisible protective film which means that water, dirt and oil form beads which can easily be removed. The film remains in place even after repeated washing or dry cleaning.


    • Highly hydrophobic. Protection remains even after several washings. Rain drops just roll off.
    • Resistant to oil or water based stains. A stain can be removed off a sweater without problems.
    • Machine washable. Any remains of detergent should be rinsed thorougly. Ironing activates the Teflon-treatment.
    • Complies with Oeko-Tex Standard

    Recommended for basic and fashion, active and leisure knitted garments intended for post, railway, military and other industries.

  • Sweater with antibacterial protection


    Bacteria can be very difficult to remove from clothing. The antibacterial germents attacks the cell walls of bacteria and effectively starves them to death, making such items as knitted shirts, dresses, pants and sweaters all feel as pleasantly fresh and clean as skin itself.


    • Prevention of smell. No body odour.
    • Deodorant-effect. The sanitized-treatment functions like a deodorant.
    • No change in hand-feel. The textile hand-feel remains unchanged.
    • Remains breathable. The physiological features of the garment remain unchanged.
    • The sanitized-treatment is machine-washable. The qualities are still intact even after several washing cycles.
    • Complies with Oeko-Tex standard.

    The garment is intended to be used in environments contaminated by bacteria. It's comfortable to wear and safe for your skin.

  • Sweater with antifungal qualities


    • Silver ions incorporated in garment
    • Prevention of smell
    • Prevention of fungus
    • Machine washable
  • Sweater with stain resistance and self-cleaning properties

    Nanotech-treated stain resistance and self-cleaning properties

    Nanotech-treated garments possess excellent stain-resistance and self-cleaning properties. Their innovative surface structure which, at the nano level, resembles those occurring naturally in plants such as the lotus flower, means soiling agents such as wine and ketchup form beads which simply roll off or can be rinsed off with cold water. This innovative technology is applied to textile garments, making it suitable for an exceptionally broad range of applications.


    • Innovative self-cleaning action
    • Outstanding hydrophobic properties
    • Machine-washable
    • Water-repellent
    • Stain-resistant
    • High-quality composition
    • Self-regeneration after exposure to heat
    • Complies with the Oeko-Text 100 standard
    • Complies with the highest environmental standards

    To ensure the continuing effectiveness of the Nanotech treatment, this garment should be ironed at least every second wash (low temperature, max. 120°C). If necessary, rinse off dirt with cold water immediately

  • Sweater without moisture absorbtion

    Polycolon no sweat!

    Polycolon maintains your body's performance and keeps you dry for longer, no matter how much you perspire, by wicking moisture into the absorbent outer layers of the garment. And because every gramme counts when you're involved in sports, Polycolon is some 40% lighter than cotton.

    It's also particularly suited to the stresses and strains which sportswear has to undergo, being colour-fast even at high temperatures. Show your clients how cool today's knitwear can be!

    Polycolon shows perspiration the door.


    • Polycolon is 100% polypropilene yarn. It does not take up any moisture, which is a vitally important feature for active sportswear. Moisture is quickly transfered to the outside.
    • Stay dry. Dries very quickly.
    • Has a low thermal conductivity, has a very good thermal properties, keeps warmth.
    • Lighter than cotton.
    • Has anti-staining properties. Stains cannot stick to the surface and can be washed out easily. Can be washed at boiling temperature.
    • Resistant to most acids, caustic and lye.
    • Comfortable to wear and has a soft and warm handle.
    • Has Oeko-Tex 100 certificate.

    It is dry when it's wet - it is warm when it's cold.

  • Sweater with temperature control

    Clymayarn combine innovative, high-performance Polycolon fibre with that most traditional of materials - natural wool. It's huge market succes bears out our long-term product-development startegy.


    • Clymayarn combines the advantages of natural wool with the strenght of polycolon high-performance fibre.
    • Wide range of colours
    • Wicks moisture outwards
    • Warms in cold weather
    • Largely prevents heat accumulation
    • Machine washable
    • Ideal outwear
    • Dries much quicker than comparable cotton products
  • Sweater that adapts to body temperature

    Too cold? Too hot? Fans of outdoor and leisure activities have to make hard choices when they look in their wardrobes. But now it's easy, with Outlast, the garment that keeps the body temperature at the correct level. The secret is in the tiny pellets embedded directly in the fiber, which can take up, store and then release body heat. Just what you need to feel really comfortable.

    Garments with Outlast Adaptive Comfort technology absorb, store and release body heat. It works to keep the wearer's temperature not too hot, not too cold, but just right, over a broad range of envoronments and activity levels.


    • Adaptation to body temperature
    • Less overheating
    • Less sweating
    • Less chill
    • Active temperature regulation
  • Self-deodorizing sweater

    Strato-self deodorizing

    • Titanum oxide nanoparticles are attached to the fibre by a wash-fast bond attaches
    • Exposure to light results in the formation of hydroxide and oxygen radicals that eliminate odour
    • Garments lose smell they have absorbed previously
    • Garment provides a feeling of freshness
    • Antibacterial and deodorizing action
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