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Heart-knitted in LT


In the land of lush green forests, deep blue lakes, gold rye fields and unpredictable waves of the Baltic sea  … In the land that is gifted with all four seasons - balmy spring, flowery summer, generous fall and cozy winter… In the land rich of fertile nature and diligent and devoted craftsmanhip...


In Lithuania, in the little city of Garliava
there is us - knitting family Garlita, the family that has been knitting for forty years of invaluable experience, relationship and happiness.

Garlita is a family business and is run by a father and two daughters, each of them being involved in every aspect of the process. The venture of two generations has led local knitwear factory into the successful and innovative global business. It all began in 1970, when Lithuanian army, gymnasiums and schools were in need of knitted uniforms… Therefore, we like to say that Garlita was founded for a good reason - to dress the country. More than 40 years have passed until today when Garlita exports knitwear to France, Germany, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Israel, Russia, Japan and many other countries around the globe.
Two generations
Devoted craftsmanship
Global business


Ever since Garlita has been producing high quality products. We do not hesitate to call ourselves the masters of knitting -  every part of the process is conducted with love, care and devotion. Organic and innovative knitted garments are the essence of the production – there are 52 new Stoll knitting machines. The production is mainly focused on women-wear, men-wear and clothing for children as well as home-wear and school, army or police uniforms. We are the children of nature, therefore we are specialized manufacturers of complex products with windproof lining, difficult zippers or patches on product. The knitwear with antimosquito treatment or Teflon coating is also possible. All production is packed to customers’ requirements and specifications. We can supply raw materials or we can work with the materials provided by the customer. Also, small orderings are available. The good thing is that we are in Europe so no waste of time and taxes. 


We are in Europe

Our yarn is from Europe

EMAS standard, ISO standards 9001 and 14001

Small orderings available

No waste of time and taxes

Did we say that we knit happiness?

Join us and be the part of Garlita close-knitted family.

Joint stock company Garlita Ltd is a private capital enterprise founded in 1970. The factory has over 40 years of experience in knitwear industry.

The major activity of the enterprise is the production of knitted outerwear. In addition to this we also offer knitting and sewing services.

Garlita is extremely flexible - we are able to produce knitwear for ladies, men and children.
The company is producing knitwear uniforms: sweaters, scarfs, caps and home textile. We have supplied NATO standard sweaters for the Army as well as for the Police and the Customs.
Sweaters for the Army made by Garlita are registered in NATO MASTER CROSS REFERENCE LIST.
Garlita have been issued NATO commercial enterprise code.

We also have ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates and EMAS.

Garlita has been registered as a potential participant of NATO tenders by the order of Minister of Economy on December 7 th, 2007.

The knitting plant consists of the STOLL flat frame electronic knitting machines (5gg, 7gg , 10gg, 12 gg).

We have 45 SToll knitting machines. 13th of them are totally new CMS - 530HP bought in 2012 year. Our plan is to replace all balance machines to new knitting machines till 2014 year.  

Production is continuous and runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Garlita can produce garments from the fabric provided by the customer, if required. We are also experienced in using many different yarns.

Production is packed according to the specifications provided by the customer. We can organize the transportation and prepare all the necessary paperwork to for customs and export requirements.

Garlita serves customers in Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, France.


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